Whiski Vaults

Token-permissioned member-only community for Whisky 🥃 & Crypto lovers.


Whiski Vaults is a token-permissioned member-only community for people who appreciate a nice *wee dram of Scotch (or another type of whisky) in the warm company of fellow crypto enthusiasts.Whiski ($WHSKI) is a social token that grants exclusive access to the closed community.*wee dram of Scotch - a small amount of Scottish Whisky

Instructions for Joining

In order to join the Telegram community, you are required to hold a minimum of 1,000 WHSKI in your Ethereum wallet.

#1 Wallet

We strongly suggest using a reliable and secure ETH Web3-enabled wallet for keeping $WHSKI tokens.If you haven't already, please download MetaMask from: https://metamask.io/

#2 Token

The community token is available on Uniswap. To acquire 1,000 WHSKI tokens, please proceed by clicking here.To check token info, please click here.

#3 Membership

After receiving 1,000 WHSKI tokens in your MetaMask wallet, please proceed by clicking here.This will open a bot that will verify (via MetaMask) that you own 1,000 WHSKI in your wallet, and will provide you with an invite link to join the Whiski Vaults community.Welcome & Slàinte Mhath! / Cheers! 🥃